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Being a Freelance Front-end Developer and Designer with 3+ years of practical experience, I have worked in a Dubai-based Company for more than a year.
While working with 50+ amazing clients of mine, I have helped them improve their 137+ businesses and projects.
I am also a Level 2 Seller on Fiverr, with a perfect score of 5.0 ratings on all projects.

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These Dozens of Clients Can't be Mistaken



Saim's work is phenominal and fast. He managed to deliver on time and never missed a deadline. He is quick to update on our request for revisions.

Prez Thomas


Saim was a pleasure to work with. We had a tremendous task for him and he tackled it quickly and professionally. Saim is a great communicator -- he organized calls between us to discuss milestones for the project and conveyed his ideas elegantly and clearly. Saim is also tremendously punctual -- we worked together on multiple projects (each with several rounds of revision) and he delivered his work on time, every time. Saim will be my go-to for outsourcing front-end development work. He has all of the qualities you look for in a teammate/collaborator.

Umar Aziz

5D Solutions LLC

Saim is very hard working and detail-oriented young developer who has got such a great experience in the industry in such a young age. He has been working as a Sn. Frontend Developer in our company, 5D Solutions LLC, for more than a year and we can vouch for this guy for this frontend skills. He has excellent communication skills and can work very efficiently in a team. He has worked on 3 web applications' interfaces and he handled several thousands lines of codes all alone just perfectly. He is very professional, receptive to ideas and a good problem solver. We recommend him for any web development job for his professionalism and great passion. Thank you!

Bashar Tomeh

Unchained Robotics

Great Work!! We had a project which needed an expert who deliver not only a clean frontend page but also a clear and clean project structure. This has helped accelerate the project and have a clean base for further development.



Amazing work done by Saim. Extremely fast in communication and knowledgable in the field. He's able to complete all the hard tasks and make them look awesome. Highly recommended.



Great Developer, Great Communication, Great Delivery!

Marcello Verona


Saim is a very good professional. He understands the customer's needs, is precise and the communication is excellent. When there was some point outside his area of expertise he was quick and effective in catching up. Highly recommended.

J. Cameron


Amazing communication. Amazing work. Very great at his job and tremendous attention to detail.



Great to work with and manage to deliver the project on time. This is my fourth order and always the seller never missed a deadline. And quick to update on our request for revisions.

Bill Boarder


Saim is very detail oriented and hard working. He is able to accommodate all of my requests and it has been a pleasure working with him. He also speaks English very fluently and I look forward to working with him again!



Working with Saim was a nothing less than a pleasure, he was very professional and responsive to requests. I recommend working with him over anyone else as his professionalism and knowledge base really sets him apart from anyone else. I will be working with him again for all my future needs. He was quick to identify project goals and implement them, he not only met our deadline but delivered much earlier than expected. The final product was stellar.


I was lucky to choose Saim. The guy is a great developer, super nice, patient, professinal, understand the requirements quickly&well. Saim did the job very fast, he finished my order in 3 hours. After Saim finished the job I had a problem with the SSL cretifications (not part of the order), He didnt leave me and solved this problem without any hesitations. Highly recommended!!!


Fantastic job once again, fast and reliable. very polite and understanding of the task at hand. gave him strict instructions and he followed them accordingly! 10/10.

Requested an extra job and without hesitation added additional features to my website, again fast and reliable took him a matter of hours to complete the task given. I recommend him to anybody looking for someone with great communication skills as well as a good understanding on HTML, Javascript, css and more. the quality of work is outstanding and I couldn't ask for much more. 10/10


Great work, thw website looks great and Saim was pretty solid at his work. He was responsible and fast and I'm looking forward to work with him in future projects



I needed to have the online presence of my consulting company completed in a short time and with high quality. Saim met my high demands with flexible communication and his expertise in front-end developments. He was also able to advise me on back-end issues. For this reason, I can recommend Saim for international cooperations with a high demand for quality.